Greetings! My name is Silantre. Back in 2005 I was bitten by the cosplay bug and my love for this creative hobby has bloomed ever since. Through my years I have created many different projects, ranging from simple small props to giant sized creature costumes! I have been fortunate enough to participate in competitions across the country, and can now claim that several of my creations are award winning.

My role with Costume & Play is now allowing me to share my knowledge and projects with the wider community. If anything ever needs creating for the cosplay zones I’m the gal to come to! I was originally self taught, then moved onto 2 years of specialised education. With this progression I’ve learnt how to make things from duct tape and cardboard, to being able to use some of the most up to date gadgets and materials.

  • I design, source and produce the installations and decorations for our area at events

  • I provide demonstrations and presentations on how to use certain techniques and materials involved in costume and prop making

  • I create pieces for the events and merchandise side of the company, including the coveted masquerade trophies!

Why I love what I do

With my many years in the cosplay scene I have been able to see both the casual and competitive side of this hobby. Since I joined Costume and Play I’ve also been introduced to the behind the scenes of how cosplay sections of events are run, and the amount of effort that goes into organising everything. I remember attending my first events as a cosplayer, and the thrill of everything happening! My role within Costume and Play allows me to bring some of that magic to everyone else. I get to construct a magical environment for attendees to keep that spark of creativity alive!