My first interaction with cosplay involved me repairing the bow of a fellow cosplayer who had been disqualified, after this I made it my mission to transform cosplay into an inclusive, fun and unified community. 

  • I source and manage the UK’s leading team within the cosplay industry, producing the first UK based cosplay business.

  • I focus my time event managing (from large scale events, zone area projects, cosplay agency bookings and even small community masquerades!) telling clients about the marketing power cosplay brings and building & growing the cosplay community into an all inclusive, friendly and fantastic place to be!

  • I have an ever extensive portfolio based around the theatrical and events industry and a passion to bring west end quality opportunities and events to the masses.

Why I love what I do

I remember taking my first steps on stage back at an extremely young age, and how incredibly daunting it was. If I can spread some light, be a shoulder to cry on or just give as much encouragement as I can to a seriously talented group of individuals, its an absolute pleasure to be able to do this and I’ve done something right! As for the selfish part of the endevour, I get to surround myself working everyday with my idols, with top talent that inspires me all the time and to top it off I can meet my favorite characters doing it! What could be better?