A little bit about me

I’m Melmo aka Siriusly Cosplay and I’ve been cosplaying since 2013, when my love of Harry Potter online RP spilled into cosplay. I’m a member of Bandursnatch Studios, an in character performance group, and can often be seen derping around at cons with the other Bandurs. I specialise in characterisation, budget cosplay, makeup, filming and crossplay and I’m always willing to lend a helping hand to a cosplayer in need.

I have been involved with the Costume and Play crew since the start, and am now the Events and Community Manager. This means that I’m the go-to person for everything to do with events, from crew health and safety to looking after our cosplay guests to helping to run cosplay masquerades. I’m also the person in charge of organising fun stuff like pizza parties and Minecraft games, as well as capturing silly stuff on con vlogs 😉

Why I love what I do

My favourite part of crewing with Costume and Play is getting to meet so many lovely cosplayers. I’m a social butterfly, and love to chat to other people about how they got their inspirations for their costumes, and admire the talent close up before people go on stage to show off their cosplay creations!

Costume and Play has also allowed me to overcome some severe stage fright issues through presenting masquerades and cosplay panels, and so I’m a very proud member of Bandursnatch Studios and regularly get up on stage or film videos with those guys now, thanks to the experience I’ve gained through crewing.

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