A little bit about me

Hi! I’m Snow and I’m the Head Technician for Costume and Play. I’m the big guy with the ponytail that’s usually cosplaying something vaguely appropriate to my job at the event. Perhaps a Steampunk inventor/explorer, an Aperture Science tech, Xcom’s “Central” officer, Aiden Pearce, a classic DayZ survivor… The list goes on.

Most of my work is behind the scenes. Either here, maintaining the pages and content at costumeandplay.co.uk, or working the sound and lighting systems for our cosplay zones when at events. I can usually be found either crawling around under a desk in search of a cable or feverishly trying to cue up music for the masquerade!

  • If the people on stage can be seen from the front row to the back, that’s me working.

  • If they can be heard from the front row to the back, that’s me working.

  • If you get treated to an impromptu disco, that’s me having fun… 😉

Why I love what I do

I’ve been with Costume and Play from the beginning and I’ve enjoyed seeing it grow from “a bunch of mates wandering around the country” to the professional team that it’s become. That’s not to say I don’t also enjoy running around the country like a lunatic setting up for events though! It offers the chance to meet friends both new and old. People that consider cosplay to be their life right through to those who simply enjoy dressing up at a convention for a bit of random fun.

Every cosplayer has an interesting tale to tell. Every costume the product of planning, thought and often many a late night just before leaving home for the venue.

If you spot me in the cosplay zone, come say hi. I won’t bite!

I might put a spotlight and a microphone on you though…

Images courtesy of Insomnia content team.
Photography Credit: David Portass.
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