Fantasy Forest (20th-21st July)

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Isn’t it about time we had the opportunity to celebrate costumes of any genre?

Welcoming costumes ranging from Cosplay, Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Medieval, Gothic, Pirates and more! It’s past time we had the opportunity to wear the costumes we choose and have a platform that celebrates it!

Fantasy Forest wants to offer the ability to costume how you choose to. Set in the beautiful grounds of Sudeley Castle and featuring enchanting locations for on site photo shoots, Fantasy Forest welcomes an incredible array of talent from multiple genres and fandoms across the two day weekend. Teaming up with Costume and Play we are happy to present the ‘Fantasy Forest Costume Show and ‘Community Costume Show’!

While we want to have the opportunity to reward handmade pieces, do not feel restricted! Both shows aim to reward everything from imagination, ingenuity and fantasy; to craftsmanship and presentation. There are no bad costumes!

You will likely be dressing up for the festival anyway so why not show your costume off? There are some great prizes as well!

The Fantasy Forest Costume Show (Saturday: 3:00pm – 4.00pm) – This Year’s Best of show will be awarded a cash prize of £250, 2 weekend tickets for Fantasy Forest 2020 and a Fantasy Forest T-shirt and mug. Cash prizes are available for a variety of categories as well ranging from Performance Honour to Best Family/Group.

The Fantasy Forest Community Costume Show (Sunday: 3:00pm – 4:00pm) – Honouring and welcoming all costumes and abilities, grab yourself a costume and come have fun! There will even be a few prizes!


Costume and Play

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Cosplay Event Highlights

Fantasy Forest Costume Show

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Fantasy Forest Community Costume Show

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Cosplay Guests

Atom Cosplay

Atom Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Having recently performed alongside Microsoft with his costumes appearing in a recent syndicate video, Atom Cosplay will be joining us.
``I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, and fell backwards into the exciting world of Cosplay in August 2015. I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with low budget material such as eva foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle any thing into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I've started adding motors, LEDs and even home made smoke machines into my cosplays.”

Katawa Cosplay

Katawa Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Since starting in the cosplay world she has climbed from strength to strength, judging a series of Costume competitions.
She want's to spread the awesomeness of costumes to everyone.

Cosplay Features


Grab amazing shots of your cosplay


Make friends and meet like minded cosplayers

Costume Shows

Join us and show off your work!

Photography Credit: David Portass.
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