Games Character Parade (8th April)

What’s on?

London Games Festival is taking over london for a day with a fantastic parade! Featuring host Kitty Powers, Cosplayers and fans alike will meet at guildhall for a spectacular cosplay parade through to St.Pauls culminating into a Masquerade at the end!  If you’d like to take part you can sign up here; Visit the website.

Costume and Play have teamed up to provide logistical support and a series of Cosplay Representatives, celebrating the art behind costuming.

The event itself will provide the cosplayers with several photo opportunities throughout the day.


Costume and Play

Welcome to the power of cosplay



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Cosplay Highlights

Amazing Character Parade

A parade celebrating cosplay through London

Cosplay Representatives

A series of representatives available on the day!

Meet Games Characters

An amazing spectacle of games characters