Geekedfest (18th-19th May)

What’s on?

GeekedFest’ is Newport’s own Film/TV & comic book convention since 2015! They are committed to providing a fun, safe and friendly event for all involved and one that benefits our area; so that we can offer something to locals that has up till now only been available at events in Cardiff. We also support local groups and charities. Visit the website.

We’re proud to announce the Cosplay zone area will be hosted by Costume and Play. Bringing you two days of cosplay activities ranging from our sewing, props and fantastic demonstration areas. You’ll even be able to grab yourself some cosplay and geek goodies from our cosplay shop!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Masquerade’s! The Geekedfest Championship now carries £100 1st place cash prize! With £50 gift vouchers and £25 gift vouchers for 2nd and 3rd place courtesy of Sin City Comics! We will also have a lovely selection of goodies for the community masquerade!


Costume and Play

Welcome to the power of cosplay



Costume and Play can help with your event.


Cosplay Event Highlights

Cosplay Championship

Click to Take part in the Cosplay Masquerade!

Cosplay Community Masquerade

Click to take part in the Cosplay Community Masquerade!


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Cosplay Zone

Capture the Perfect Moment

Get ready to enjoy cosplay with the community!

Photography and Installation Zone

Want to capture that perfect cosplay moment?

Workshops and Demonstrations Zone

Create and take home a cosplay project

Sewing Zone

Everything from fabric to various stitching!

Props, Armour and Weapons Zone

Several weapons and props of all varieties

Performance Zone

An array of characters for you to interact with

Cosplay Guests

Motoko's Armoury

Motoko's Armoury

Cosplay Guest

It's hard to pin down exactly how long I've been cosplaying, but I grew up with parents who were cosplayers and have been wearing cosplay since I was 5 years old. I began creating my own costumes in 2013, heading to my first event in Cardiff.
Most of my experience and skill is in foamsmithing, although I have got a lot of experience in sewing, my greatest cosplay achievement is probably my space marine. He took a few weeks of solid work, but he is the biggest costume I've built and everyone loves him!
The best thing about the cosplay community is its ability to bring people together, sharing advice and one piece I can give is experience takes time!
You may feel your costumes aren't as good as people who are popular and have highly detailed costumes, but they have the ability to create such costumes because of the time they've put into honing their skills at crafting. You shouldn't look at these people and feel down because your costumes aren't as good, instead, look to these people for inspiration, not to put yourself down.
But most importantly, always remember we are a community coming together in the act of bringing characters and creatures to life!

Noodle Cup Cosplay

Noodle Cup Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Noodle Cup Cosplay is a cosplayer and performer based in South Wales. She has been cosplaying for 8 years and enjoys making her own cosplays on a budget.
Photo credit @misusucks on IG

Gay Panic Cosplay

Gay Panic Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Gay Panic Cosplay is a cosplayer and performing artist from the Rhondda, who has been cosplaying for 3 years, having found a recent love of sewing he enjoys creating cosplays by supporting local businesses, designing alternative versions of characters and costumes, and performing in cosplay masquerades for fun.



Cosplay Guest

Hi I'm Cosqueenie,
Nice to meet all you lovely gamers and Cosplayers alike. If you want to know a little bit about me, I have been a avid Cosplayer for 6 years now and still loving every minute of it.

I wear a combination of homemade and bought Cosplays, although as time went by I found simply getting into a costume my favorite part! Cosplay to me is bringing the characters I love to life, and with that bringing smiles to both kids and adults; as I bring there beloved characters to life in the real world!

My favourite cosplay to date is hard to choose as so many of my costumes have made other people happy. One of my favourite’s will always be my Ariel from my little mermaid, that was used for children's parties and Charities to help raise money.

Katawa Cosplay

Katawa Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Katawa Cosplay is best known for prop and armour builds, since starting in the cosplay world she has climbed from strength to strength, judging a series of Cosplay Community competitions.
She want's to spread the awesomeness of cosplay to everyone.

Atom Cosplay

Atom Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Having recently performed alongside Microsoft with his costumes appearing in a recent syndicate video, Atom Cosplay will be joining us at GEEK.
``I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, and fell backwards into the exciting world of Cosplay in August 2015. I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with low budget material such as eva foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle any thing into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I've started adding motors, LEDs and even home made smoke machines into my cosplays.”

Cosplay Features

Cosplay Masquerade

Take part in the Cosplay Masquerade!


Learn about Cosplay and meet guests


Create and take home a cosplay project

Zone Area

Get up close and personal with cosplay


Grab amazing shots of your cosplay


Make friends and meet like minded cosplayers

Photography Credit: David Portass.
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