Geekedfest (Swansea 7th April)

What’s on?

We are proud to announce that Costume and Play will be presenting the Cosplay Zone at Geekedfest Swansea! Themed around ‘Accomplish Cosplay your way!’ we’ll be presenting maker cosplay projects, getting you in costume for the first time, interactive displays and q&a sessions. Why don’t you come down and get involved?


Costume and Play is proud to be returning to Geekedfest Swansea for an unstoppable timetable of cosplay goodness!

10am – The Cosplay Grand Tour

10:30am – Cosplay How To Get Started and Create Your Dream Character.

11:30am – Cosplay Blind Date – Return To The Chair

12pm – Changing The Cosplay World One ‘How Do You Pee’ Question At A Time

12:30pm – Beginning to End – A Cosplayers Journey From Starting a Costume to Swansea Masquerade Winner

1pm –  Fantastic Bowtruckles  – Maker Workshop On Behalf Of Cosprops.

2pm – A Cosplay Beginning! – With Love That Joker

2:30pm – Cosplay Masquerade prep 

3pm – Cosplay Masquerade

4pm – Cosplay Photography For You

4:150pm – Cosplay Ask Away! This Is Your Q&A! 

Cosplay Event Highlights

Cosplay Masquerade

Click to Take part in the Cosplay Masquerade!

Cosplay Blind Date - Return to the chair!

Ever wanted to know what it's like to sit in one of our blind date chairs?

Changing The Cosplay World

Industry talk on entering and making the cosplay scene a happy place!

Cosplay Zone

Sewing Zone

Everything from fabric to various stitching!

Props, Armour and Weapons Zone

Several weapons and props of all varieties

Performance Zone

An array of characters for you to interact with

Cosplay Guests

Noodle Cup Cosplays

Noodle Cup Cosplays

Cosplay Guest

Noodle Cup Cosplays is a cosplayer and performer based in South Wales. She has been cosplaying for 8 years and enjoys making her own cosplays on a budget.

Fuzzbutt Cosplay

Fuzzbutt Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Hannah has been cosplaying since October of 2015, having turned to cosplay as an escape (like many of us do). Since starting out with Rocket Raccoon in 2015, she has challenged herself to make her favorite characters as cosplays, regardless of their popularity or level of difficulty. Her ideas span a number of genres and media and she always tries to be as accurate as possible (to a fault at times!!!). passionate about bringing cosplay and propbuilding skills to the community, organisers of Cosprops makers group wales and their monthly events at the amman valley makerspace’

Love That Joker

Love That Joker

Cosplay Guest

James Longstaff also known as Love That Joker has been cosplaying since 2012 he has been to many different conventions across the UK & US, known for his love of the performative aspect of the hobby, he has transformed himself into many different characters including different versions of the joker, spider-man, venom, carnage, Junkrat and more. Always ready and willing to sign up for any masquerade out there, Jame's is really looking forward to meeting everyone at Geekedfest, sharing any helpful tips for conquering masquerade fears and showcasing ways everyone can get involved with cosplay.

Cosplay Repair

Cosplay Repair

Cosplay Guest

Cosplay Repair is brought to you by; Russell & Maria.

Russell got into cosplay from buying an arrow cosplay and since then has supported all aspects of costume from made to bought. Russell began in the cosplay repair aspect of cosplay when helping a fellow cosplayer. Russell, now joined by wife Maria, grew to offering a professional Cosplay Repair Service at events. Aside from this you can see Russell helping out and organizing for many other events across the country.

Cryptid Cosplay

Cryptid Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

I'm CryptidCosplay and have been cosplaying since 2012, as soon as I have a character in mind nothing will stop me from doing them. I mostly make foam props and avoid sewing as much as possible, fabric can be hell to work with.

Guest #6

Guest #6

Cosplay Guest

Announcement soon stay tuned!

Cosplay Features

Cosplay Masquerade

Take part in the Cosplay Masquerade!


Learn about Cosplay and meet guests


Create and take home a cosplay project

Zone Area

Get up close and personal with cosplay


Grab amazing shots of your cosplay


Make friends and meet like minded cosplayers

Photography Credit: David Portass.
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