Insomnia Gaming Festival – i63 (24th-27th Aug 2018)

Cosplay and Culture Zone

From the sublime to the intentionally ridiculous, we’ll once again be welcoming cosplayers of any level and ability to our cosplay zone and to take part in our cosplay masquerade. With top prizes on offer, don’t miss the chance to showcase your creativity and costumes live on the Insomnia Stage.

Want to get hands on with cosplay? Whether you are a veteran or novice, the Insomnia Cosplay Zone will introduce you into the wonderful world of costume art. You can build your first cosplay from cardboard, try on costumes and examine advanced costuming techniques.

Want to connect with the characters that make up cosplay? While we predominantly celebrate gaming characters, we will also be including a series of throwbacks to other fandoms and genres. Ranging from TV, Film, Anime and Comics. All cosplay is welcome at Insomnia Gaming Festival!

Cosplay Facilitates at the event will include; Repair station, Changing rooms and friendly staff on hand to help. Visit the zone area in the exhibition hall and join the Cosplay Masquerade.

Cosplay Event Highlights

Saturday Insomnia Championship

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Sunday Cosplay Community Masquerade

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Event timetable

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Welcome to the Cosplay and Culture Zone

Cosplay Guests and Community

There are so many incredible ways to cosplay! We celebrate all of them!

Cosplay Props, Armour and Weapons

everyone from gauntlets to guns and worbla

Cosplay Fabrication, Sewing and Fabric Techniques

Hands on experiences to full costume displays.

Deadicated Cosplay Panels Stage

A dedicated cosplay and culture stage

Cosplay Photography

Photos under the sakura tree with Japanese clothes to try on

Cosplay Culture

Spanning multiple genres such as Anime, Film, TV, comics and even steampunk.

Cosplay Special Guests

Kaldorei Cosplay

Kaldorei Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Its safe to say I am a massive nerd, my love of cosplay started through games such as World of Warcraft and the Legend of Zelda as it was a way to embody the characters I adored so much. I am drawn to large complicated costumes as it allows me to learn new skills and pushes me to meet the challenge of becoming a character that is completely opposite to myself.
Through the years i have been very lucky to represent the UK at several international events such as Cosplay world masters and Eurocosplay. But most importantly this hobby has allowed me to meet the many talented people in the cosplay community as it brings us all together through our shared passions (and craziness).

Mitternacht Cosplay

Mitternacht Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Yo! Mitternacht Cosplay here. I'm a 26 veteran Swedish cosplayer since 2009, (way back when Naruto was EVERYTHING, yeah, that old). In my early years I was very active competing (and even took home a couple of awards!), but recently I’ve discovered the joy of cosplay judging and holding cosplay-related lectures! I have also had the opportunity to travel around the globe working as a cosplay promoter for various game companies and brands, as well as being an active cosplay blogger and influencer online.

I'm a dedicated (read: fanatic) gamer and nowadays I mostly (read: only) play Overwatch and Borderlands. I have a soft spot in my heart for cosplaying badass armored ladies, but really anything weird or alien can be my cup of tea! I’m a huge makeup nerd and combining makeup and SFX with armor, aliens and glitter is the one true way to my heart.

I love meeting new people and geeking out about nerd stuff, and I can’t wait to get a look into the British cosplay culture at Insomnia! Hope to see you there!

Fantail Cosplay

Fantail Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Luna has been cosplaying as part of the triage of Fantail Cosplay for 12 years.

Luna has a vast skill set, beginning to explore armour work within cosplay alongside fellow fantail member Silantre, with her Sylvari. Her repertoire is not limited to suits and weaponry, often depicting popular fabricated work such as 'Sona' from League of Legends. Luna has had her work featured several times including cosplay fever and neo magazine placing as cosplay idol runner up. Luna enjoys stretching her cosplay wings (Literally she has created 10ft wings before!) by diving into as many aspects as she can within the hobby.

Luna is most looking forward to debuting Lulu from 'League of Legends' at Insomnia Gaming Festival.



Cosplay Guest

I'm Cosplayholic, or Katie, I've been addicted to cosplay for 4 years. As a cosplay addict, I cannot stop cosplaying, I love cosplay and find myself pouring all my free time and money into it. After joining cosplay addicts anonymous and by following the 12 step programme I have been able to get sober. Well not really or I wouldn’t be here…
I got into cosplay when I was 15 and had shingles, it seemed like a good hobby to take up to stave the boredom off when while I was confined to my home. It turns out I really liked cosplaying and I haven’t stopped since, as someone who always enjoyed creative things it gave me everything I wanted from a hobby. I love the whole process of making a cosplay from research, to making, to wearing and performing in my costumes. Over the past 4 years I have always set myself goals in cosplay to keep me motivated to do better and improve my skills, I’m currently learning tailoring to complete one of my goals from this year!

Cosplay Content Producers

Crafty Ninja

Crafty Ninja

Masquerade Information Zone

CraftyNinja has been cosplaying for about three years and deals with masked cosplay. Be it fabric, foam or fur, each costume is based on how much detail she can replicate and as such has several competition wins under her belt. A learner at heart, CraftyNinja is always looking to learn new techniques; work with new fabrics and most of all meet and make new friends.

Katawa Cosplay

Katawa Cosplay

Props Zone

I only realised there was a whole world of crazy cosplay guys out there in august 2015 when I went to my first con. I try and use all different materials and recycled objects to get the best results and to keep costs down, I love sharing tips on budget cosplaying and inspiring people to have a go that previously thought cosplaying was too expensive for them. I'm looking forward to venturing into bigger cosplays in the future!'

Atom Cosplay

Atom Cosplay

Props Zone

Having recently performed alongside microsoft, with his costumes appearing in various promotions to syndicate videos, Atom Cosplay will be joining us in the Props Zone.

“I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with eva foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle anything into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I’ve started adding motors, LEDs and even home made smoke machines into my cosplays.

Fantail Cosplay

Fantail Cosplay

Animatronics and Electronics

Cosplayer down to the core, Silantre has been dedicated to making cosplays since 2005. She has proven her crafting skills with the creation of many different award winning costumes, ranging from armour to fursuits. She’s a firm believer that anything drawn on paper can be made into a costume, whether it be from cardboard and duct tape or with the latest materials and gadgets!

Quill Cosplay

Quill Cosplay

3d Printing

Quill has been cosplaying for a number of years as anything from Master Chief to StarLord. His skills mainly lie in 3D printing props and armour but he dabbles in the odd bit of sewing and even fibreglassing pepakura. He prefers to cosplay with a helmet but don't let that put you off, he can talk for hours and enjoys showing people the technological side of cosplay!

Cosplay Features and Zones

Digital Cosplay

Everything from animatronics to 3D printing and model making.

Cosplay Masquerade

Repair station, sign-up and help.

Workshops and demonstrations

Create and take home a cosplay project

Props, Armor and Weapons

Weapons and props of all varieties to interact with.


The Sewing Zone will teach you everything from fabric to various stitching!


The tools to construct your own costume alongside geeky merchandise!


An array of characters for you to interact with


Learn about Cosplay and meet guests

Zone Area

Get up close and personal with cosplay


Grab amazing shots of your cosplay


Make friends and meet like minded cosplayers

Buy Tickets

Join the fun!

Photography Credit: David Portass.
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