Insomnia Gaming Festival – i64 (19th-22nd April)

Cosplay and Culture Zone

From the sublime to the intentionally ridiculous, we’ll once again be welcoming cosplayers of any level and ability to our cosplay zone and to take part in our cosplay masquerade. With top prizes on offer, don’t miss the chance to showcase your creativity and costumes live on the Insomnia Stage.

Want to get hands on with cosplay? Whether you are a veteran or novice, the Insomnia Cosplay Zone will introduce you into the wonderful world of costume art. You can build your first cosplay from cardboard, try on costumes and examine advanced costuming techniques.

Want to connect with the characters that make up cosplay? While we predominantly celebrate gaming characters, we will also be including a series of throwbacks to other fandoms and genres. Ranging from TV, Film, Anime and Comics. All cosplay is welcome at Insomnia Gaming Festival!

Cosplay Facilitates at the event will include; Repair station, Changing rooms and friendly staff on hand to help. Visit the zone area in the exhibition hall and join the Cosplay Masquerade.

Cosplay Event Highlights

Saturday Insomnia Championship

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Sunday Cosplay Community Masquerade

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Event timetable

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Cosplay Special Guests

Amazonian Cosplay

Amazonian Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Beth, known online as Amazonian Cosplay, is an Award Winning British Cosplayer. She began crafting costumes at the young age of 13, stemming originally from a love of detailed Fantasy Video Game costumes, and has since gone on to produce Cosplay work with the likes of Marvel, Ubisoft, Cartoon Network and Xbox.

With a ‘devil is in the detail’ approach Amazonian has developed a passion for capturing a costumes intricacies others may miss, learning new techniques with each costume creation. Her skillset now proudly extends to sculpting, leatherwork, blacksmithing, and her one true love, embroidery.

Jon Campling

Jon Campling

Special Guest

Jon is the royal face of the much loved #KINGREGIS in the epic Final Fantasy XV and also the motion capture actor for REGIS & #ARDYNIZUNIA. Jon voiced #Gazskulthraka in #warhammer40k ARMAGEDDON. Harry Potter fans will also known him as the train stopping Death Eater in DH1.

As an Actor, Model, Voice Artist, Poet, Twitch Affiliate (Streaming as RealKingRegis), Photographer and Wand Maker Jon is a busy chap but always finds time to meet with fans at some amazing comic cons & gaming events around the world.




Cosplay Guest

Beth (Minachi) has been cosplaying for around 6 years now and primarily cosplays characters from both games and anime. In recent years she has been producing more complex costumes to compete in competitions and placed 1st in the last Insomnia Championship with her costume of Ara Hann from Elsword.



Cosplay Guests

CIRC6, with the extended life they have been blessed with, are constantly seeking justification for their existence through the secret society they form. Forced to reinvent themselves again and again the six members are fighting to keep their veil of anonymity while hunting down and protecting the scrolls of AEON.

Meet three of the CIRC6 misfits, Jiji-San, Rapideye Rae and Shai in Insomnia64.



Cosplay Guest

Envyious has been cosplaying for just over 4 years, mainly focusing on her love for video games in her creations. She works with a range of materials, from foam, faux fur and feathers to leather and resin, with a particular love for making head dresses and ears.

Cauldron of Mischief

Cauldron of Mischief

Cosplay Guest

Hi! I’m Adrian, known online by ‘Cauldron Of Mischief’! I have been cosplaying for over 10 years and I started when I was 15 years old. I am a freelance costume & prop maker, digital artist & game host. I have a 2:1 BA degree in 3D computer animation & special effects.
I make both costumes and props but tend to specialize in complex costumes with annoying physics (e.g. Elphelt Valentine’s gravity defying skirt from Guilty Gear or wigs with ginormous drill curls!)
I have won a total of 10 awards at various conventions across the UK. All of these I worked hard to achieve and had many losses before my first win, the great thing about making costumes is that you’re always learning something new!
Over the years I’ve made a good variety of costumes, one of my best costumes is the RPG Ice mage Viktor Nikiforov from the Rage of Bahamut & Yuri!!! On Ice crossover game, this costume has also placed in two competitions, including the International Cosplay League solo entry.
I also try to make my costumes as accurate as I can and work very hard on each one, researching specific materials to match as close as possible in colour and texture. I also take commissions, I have been taking commissions for the last three years, I love to create and make costumes for others, if I can help and make them happy then I am happy!
I have a lot of knowledge to offer, but one of the things I love so much about the community is we are like a family in a way, looking out for each other, giving each other tips, borrowing cosplays, working together in groups, cosplaying a group of characters from a series, etc. It’s fantastic and so much fun to be able to join in!
Ultimately I cosplay because I love the characters from the various shows & games I enjoyed so much, that I wanted to step into their shoes and see what it would be like!
I’m very excited about attending Insomnia Gaming Festival as I have never been before but always wanted to, I also adore video games so it’s incredible to attend a huge event for this, I’m also very excited to meet lots of people and help any way I can! ☺

Bandursnatch Studios

Bandursnatch Studios

Cosplay Guest

Bandursnatch Studios are a cosplay group from all over the UK who specialise in in-character panels, livestreams, cosplay tutorials and more both at conventions and with a very active YouTube channel. The current group was formed in 2015, and we’re excited to be back at Insomnia for a third year!

We are known on YouTube for our weekly CraftStream sessions, where we get together and do some crafting - every aspect of cosplay from the first designs through to finishing touches. Some cosplays have been completely created on the CraftStreams. We will be bringing this to Insomnia with our specialised Crafting Area where we will be constantly working on projects throughout the 4 days to show how cosplay develops through the Work In Progress. We happily will answer any questions as we go along and the progress will be seen in real time.

We will also bring some panels. Cosplay Stories is a fun, relaxed panel where we will share silly stories of when cosplay and cons

We will also be bringing a first for us - a Masquerade Prep Workshop. Are you planning on entering either of the Cosplay Masquerades? Feel you need a little more help or confidence? We bring you an interactive workshop where we will help with everything ‘performance’ - from the best way to show off the back of that cosplay to character skits and overcoming stage fright.

Welcome to the Cosplay and Culture Zone

Cosplay Guests and Community

There are so many incredible ways to cosplay! We celebrate all of them!

Cosplay Props, Armour and Weapons

everyone from gauntlets to guns and worbla

Cosplay Fabrication, Sewing and Fabric Techniques

Hands on experiences to full costume displays.

Deadicated Cosplay Panels Stage

A dedicated cosplay and culture stage

Cosplay Photography

Photos under the sakura tree with Japanese clothes to try on

Cosplay Culture

Spanning multiple genres such as Anime, Film, TV, comics and even steampunk.

Cosplay Features and Zones

Digital Cosplay

Everything from animatronics to 3D printing and model making.

Cosplay Masquerade

Repair station, sign-up and help.

Workshops and demonstrations

Create and take home a cosplay project

Props, Armor and Weapons

Weapons and props of all varieties to interact with.


The Sewing Zone will teach you everything from fabric to various stitching!


The tools to construct your own costume alongside geeky merchandise!


An array of characters for you to interact with


Learn about Cosplay and meet guests

Zone Area

Get up close and personal with cosplay


Grab amazing shots of your cosplay


Make friends and meet like minded cosplayers

Buy Tickets

Join the fun!

Photography Credit: David Portass.
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