Talent Show Sign up.

The Talent Show will be held Saturday at 12pm.

The Talent Show encourages anyone to enter with there unique act, Christmas Jumper or talent!

You may sign up as an individual or group with a performance of no longer than five minutes.

We highly encourage entries to the talent show are received before the event so we can check through your technical requirements.

Registration and Sign Up: –

Applications submitted in advance must be sent to cosplay@costumeandplay.co.uk and labeled with “THE EVENT YOU ARE ATTENDING IN THE SUBJECT TITLE” along with SUNDAY Geekedfest TALENT SHOW.

We highly recommend you get your application to us beforehand.

You can register on the day for the event. Sign-ups will close one hour beforehand, music applications will close two days beforehand and BRING A SPARE COPY ON USB!

Signup Form



Full Name:
Introduction to Act (E.g Song Title and how song is performed):

Technical Requirements: (Mics, Chairs, Tables etc.)

Track Length or Act Length Approx:



SEND TO: cosplay@costumeandplay.co.uk

DON’T FORGET to place the EVENT NAME in the email subject.

Please attach any music requests to your e-mail via Youtube link or MP3 format. This must be received before the event. Please bring a spare copy of your music on USB JUST INCASE!

Please remember if you are in any doubt or even just worried about entering then check with us, we’re all happy to help you through this and we understand rules, while essential, can sometimes be a bit daunting! Feel free to e-mail: info@costumeandplay.co.uk.


Sign Up

  1. Sign-ups will close one hour before the event.
  2. You must arrive for ordering: NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES BEFORE the event is due to start.
  3. Any size group may enter, however if eligible for a prize this will be split evenly between participants.
  4. The competition is open for all ages, but if under the age of 13 please make sure to get parental consent.
  5. All acts must be safe to perform on stage, any part of the act deemed unsafe will not be allowed to enter the competition. If your act develops on stage to standards which are not safe we reserve the right to stop the performance.
  6. Participants must comply with any other rules stated such as the masquerade prop rules.