Friday Timetable

Friday Stage Events

Friday Gatherings

Friday Workshops

10:30AM Cosplay Bingo Sheet Collection Anime/Manga – Gathering & Photoshoot Sword Making
10:45AM Types of fabrics & Cutting Fabrics
11:00AM Fabric FX! Paint, Dyes & Aging with Clockwork Dandy Noodles Overwatch – Gathering & Photoshoot
11:15AM Choosing the right sewing thread & Basic Stiches
11:30AM How to make a Raptor Suit with RexyStudio TV/Film – Gathering & Photoshoot Patterning Foam
11:45AM How to sew in lining
12:00PM Entering your first Masquerade Tiktok Gathering & Photoshoot Foam tools and Materials
12:15PM Adding Zips & Invisible zips
12:30PM Illusion Art in Costume Creation with Dragon Cosplays
12:45PM OC challenge
2:00PM Insomnia Cosplay Community Masquerade

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3:15PM Cosplay Photoshoots Ceremonial Prop Signing & Cosplay Card Exchange
3:30PM Cosplay & Gaming Gathering & Photoshoots How do I create my first ever cosplay?
4:00PM Final Fantasy – Gathering & Photoshoot OC challenge
4:15PM Cosplay Escape Room Types of Glue/Adhesives
4:30PM Axe Making
5:30PM Cosplay Bingo OC Challenge current entrant showcase