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Waiting for you to step into your cosplay journey, Medway Gaming Festival is proud to present a brand new Cosplay Village experience alongside the return of the MGF Cosplay Masquerade and Cosplay Community Masquerade! Whether you have an amazing costume you’ve poured hours into, or want to bring your favourite character to life with a performance, the masquerade provides you with that opportunity.

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What is Medway Gaming Festival?

Back for 2023!! Everything you love about Medway Gaming Festival is returning from cosplaying and gaming to wrestling and robot arena plus so much more. Remember to follow Rapture Gaming Festival on social media for updates and announcements!

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Cosplay Guests

Ace of Prince

Ace of Prince

Cosplay Guest

I am Ace of Prince and I have been cosplaying for 10 years, yet I’ve been giving my heart to crafting, creativity and different fandoms for even longer! I followed my love for Character design and creation into a (BA) Hons Degree in Make-Up and Hair for Theatre and Film, where I truly got to involve myself in the professional industry and techniques.

In my years of training and cosplaying, I’ve found my skills honed in Make-up, Wigs, Sewing, Prop-building and Foamwork, Modelling, Photography and Editing! I’ve been able to create a wide variety of cosplays from the more popular Games like Super Mario and Kingdom Hearts, to more indie Games like Don’t Starve. Or different media characters, such as Miraculous Ladybug, Catwoman, She-Ra, or Jack Frost from Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians.

Having experienced events for Atlas Games, British Museum and London Science Museum, I’m thrilled to be invited to Rapture Gaming Festival where I’m excited to share my own tips and tricks with everyone there!


Cosplay Guest

Invisible Trickster

Invisible Trickster

Cosplay Guest

I am Invisibletrickster and I have been cosplaying for 11 years. In that time, I went on to get a (BA) Hons Degree in Costume Construction in partnership with The Royal Opera House, where I learnt as much as I could from Historical corsets to transforming dresses.

I’ve always been interested in a variety of cosplays across a wide range of media, such as characters like Kirishima, Rhys (Tales from the Borderlands), Edna Mode, Charlie (Don’t Starve), Caption Hook, Toph Beifong and Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins.
Last year I was able to combine my interests by competing at both CosXpo and MCM London as Amaya from Dragon Prince, Which was performed in BSL (British sign language.)

Having experienced events for British Museum, London Science Museum, London in the air and The Royal Opera House Prize; I’m excited to be invited to Rapture Gaming Festival where I can share my knowledge and interests with everyone.

Lucia Peachy

Lucia Peachy

Cosplay Guest

I am Lucia! I’m a 24 year old cosplayer who has been cosplaying for 10 years, but only taking it more serious since 2020. Using social media as a way to express my passion!

Peach has been sharing her costumes, props and videos with the community, finding ways to make cosplays with what was to hand, focusing on cosplays for DnD, Original characters and video games.

As well as making cosplays, Peach is able to use her industry skills as an motion graphic/editor to enhance her videos with effects not available on most platforms.

Lavish Bookman

Lavish Bookman

Cosplay Guest

Hi my name is Lavish Bookman and I've been cosplaying for 10+ years. I wanted to express my love for different fandoms by creating my favourite characters and bringing them to life through Cosplay. My passion lead me into achieving a (BA) Hons in Theatre and Performing Arts. I like to bring my acting skills into my cosplays along with other skills such as Foam-smithing, sewing, prop making, painting and modeling for photography, which are all self taught.

Cosplay has lead to many opportunities such as attending the opening of the new exibition at the London Science Museum on press release night, working with companies such as Atlas Games on their new Persona games event and appearing on TV to promote a new movies such as the My Hero Academia movie for the company Funimation. This has recently stretched into voice acting and dedicated cosplay films with teams such as The 86th Floor.

My love for a multitude of fandoms has lead to me creating a wide of cosplays such as Handsome Jack from the Borderlands franchise, Tyrian Callows from RWBY, King Bowser from Super Mario and Bert from Mary Poppins to just name a few.
I hope to continue my cosplays and crafting into bigger projects the future.
I am super excited to be at the Rapture Gaming Festival this year and can't wait to share the world of cosplay with you, along with some helpful tips and tricks to help you get started on your own cosplay journeys.


Cosplay Guest

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