Sunday Timetable

Sunday Stage Events

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Workshops

10:30AM Time to Arm Yourself: Foam Weapons Battle
11:00AM Cosplay Quest Beginners Photography & Filming Class Beginners Guide to Voice Acting
11:30AM Using your Ipad to Edit Video
11:45PM Papercraft: Papermakes
12:00PM Cosplay Junk Battle
12:45PM Unlock Your Overlocker
1:00PM Cosplay Q&A Tiktok & Chill w. Cosqueenie Mask Making & Decorating
1:15PM I Can’t Believe It’s Not Real Battle Damage
1:30PM Beginners Guide to Cosplay OC Challenge
2:00PM Ultimate Guide to Creating Cosplay Content Tavern Speed Make Some Friends Meetup How To Use Your Sewing Machine
2:15PM Minecraft Make a Torch
2:45PM Sewing & Props Drop-In
3:00PM Storytelling in the Tavern Sketch & Draw
3:30PM Cosplay Spy Party Props Build off!
4:00PM Cosplay Quest:Rope In the Guests Edition A NOT Gaming Cosplay Gathering Props Build off!
5:00PM CMV & TikTok Creation A Gaming Cosplay Gathering Props Build off!