Sunday Timetable

Sunday Stage Events

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Workshops

10:30AM Working with patterns
11:00AM The ultimate cosplay Panel Sci-Fi Photoshoots Types of EVA Foam
11:15AM Sci-Fi Photoshoots
11:30AM Sci-Fi Gathering & Photoshoot threading your sewing machine
11:45PM Painting foam
12:00PM Cosplay Quest Make up & SFX
12:30PM Armor design – Breastplate
12:45PM Film/TV Photoshoot Hems & Seams Series
1:00PM One Night in the Cosplay Zone Film/TV Gathering & Photoshoot
1:15PM Anime/Manga Photoshoot
1:30PM Anime/Manga Gathering & Photoshoot How to sew without a pattern
2:00PM Final Fantasy Photoshoot Sew stretchy – Sew slippery fabric
2:15PM Gaming Gathering & Photoshoot Foam Templates & cutting
2:30PM How to Make a Raptor Suit with Rexystudio shaping and assembly
2:45PM Battle Damage
3:00PM Cosplay Showcase
4:00PM Cosplay Quest Props Build off!
5:15PM Cosplay Quest Comics Gathering & Photoshoot Props Build off!
5:30PM Cosplay Quest Marvel vs. DC Photoshoot Props Build off!