What is cosplay?

Cosplay is derived from the terms ‘Costume and Play’. It consists of individuals effectively ‘dressing up’ as their favorite characters, but it is the individual components of ‘cosplay’ that make it so unique. The ‘Costume’ element when crafted leads into several different skill-sets such as prop making and sewing. The ‘Play’ or ‘Performance’ element with either a made or purchased costume leads to spectacular shows such as a cosplay masquerade.

What does Costume and Play do?

With such a vibrant community and so many individual elements making up the art form that is ‘cosplay’ navigating around this can be tricky, Costume and Play provides services to help companies understand the multiple benefits of cosplay such as its incredible audience engagement, while rooting itself firmly in the community to help grow it.

How do I get involved?

Cosplay encourages you to dress and be a character you love – be it from Anime, Gaming, TV, Film, it doesn’t matter if its brought or handmade, as long as its a fandom you love. If your a community member you can follow and share our community section, social media channels and of course attend the events we’ll be present at!
If your a company you can take a look at our services section and contact us directly to learn how we can help you.

Our Origin

Costume and Play began in 2013, formally known as ‘Careers in Cosplay – The Comprehensive Guide.’

The guide and brand was aimed at launching cosplay into the mainstream. The concept was later refined into ‘Costume and Play.’ The website built from scratch from it’s creator.

Today we’re supplying some of the UK’s top events with Cosplay and event services! Oh how we’ve grown!

Our Purpose

Costume and Play have played a key role in growing the UK Cosplay community to new heights.

Cosplay is becoming widely accepted in society following the increasing coverage by the media and the continued steady growth of events.

Our work is not done, with your help we plan on continuing this trend. Our goal is to push cosplay to it’s full potential, recognising the skill and creativity of the community.

Our Mission

  • To stand for each individual Cosplayer within the community and to voice the UK’s individual movement of Costuming.
  • To harness the amazing skill set built into each cosplayer and present them with further opportunities and goals within the Costuming and theatrical profession.
  • To reveal the heart of Cosplay itself and present a full and honest account of the scene.
  • To continue to be humble servants of the most vibrant, active and dedicated community by doing whatever we can to spread the love shared within it.

Was a fantastic showing from you all, made me realize how awesome cosplay actually is!

Gavin, Event Attendee

I love the entire costume and Play group, it's great to see people who still enjoy the hobby, have fun, and encourage others

Louise, Cosplay Guest

[Cosplay is] being artistic, showing off my skills at the same time as having oodles of fun being someone else.

Kym, Cosplayer

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