Event Services

  • Masquerades – A masquerade is the highlight of any convention experience. It combines every element of cosplay together into a spectacular visual showcase. Masquerades are easily scalable to any size event, from a small raised platform to a fully produced stage hosting National Championships and professional performances.
  • Technical, Logistical and Staffing Solutions – We’re able to deliver everything from organisation to technical production. Our technical equipment ranges from Audio Visual, Stage sound, Projection and Lighting. Our staff are professionals in several areas ranging from event organisation, content production and cosplay. All we need is a stage or platform.
  • Other Services – Costume and Play is able to deliver event and community services to suit your needs above and beyond the Cosplay spectrum by applying the same organisational and community based principles we use to other sectors and areas.

An all inclusive service, able to deliver you a unique product for a launch night, function, promotion or event.

Product Services

  • Large set pieces and Installations – Large fully wearable or free standing set pieces from fabrication to animatronic movement. portraying complicated or large characters or to set dress an area for an event. These areas can generate large waves of interest, can be designed to be an interactive feature of the event and will generate considerable positive PR for any function or promotion.
  • Commissions and Costumes – Made from the highest quality materials created for both cosplayers and corporate character events.
  • Geek Apparel – We cater to the community directly with fandom products and customizable pieces. This allows a continual connection and contact base for the fandoms cosplayers interact with.

Perfect for a function or promotion in need of a center piece or theatre in need of unique pieces for costumes, props and set. We even cater to the community directly with fandom products and commissions.

Interactive Services

  • Panel Talks – A Panel talk can be the perfect way to grow your community and increase retention rates across events by utilizing new content. Use our panels to teach your audience and include well known community figures to draw in community members
  • Workshops and Demonstrations – Fully time adjustable from 15 minutes to hours, these act as engaging community content. They offer your customers a take-home experience that they can share with friends, turning them into repeat business for your event.
  • Zone Areas – Elaborately constructed from all areas of cosplay, it provides a direct interaction with constructed individual elements of cosplay.

Useful for a tailored community experience. This could be a workshop for a school or a unique event for functions providing engaging content or repeated to generate a returning customer base.

Guest and Community Services

  • Guest booking, appearances and management. Costume and Play works with industry leaders in a variety of fields ranging from prop making, costume design, theatrical professionals and fandom guests in related fields.
  • Guest Promotion –  Influence and reach of guests attracts fans and followers to meet their idols face-to-face. Costume and Play uses a combination Local geo-targeted and national reach to boost event and function attendance. 
  • General Marketing and Promotion. Costume and Play has an established presence within the cosplay industry and related fandom fields with access to it’s own established platforms alongside guest promotion.

Perfect for individual costume appearances from particular characters for game launches to birthday parties, or a larger marketing and guest appearance strategy tailored to suit your event.

Still need convincing?

Audience Engagement

Event Profit

Attendance Increase

Diverse audience

Cosplayers go to more cons than practically any other group, with 64% attending 3 or more fan events a year, and 27% going to 5 or more.

The majority of respondents (59%) said they spend between £68 and £344 at fan events. (not including basic costs like tickets, food, and parking)

Nearly a quarter (23%) of fans identify themselves as serious cosplayers, and/or people who go to shows just to engage in cosplay.

Con-goers are split almost half and half by gender, with males representing 48.7% of fans, and women making up 48.9%.

Growth in any environment

Optimum masquerade growth to deliver a full one hour complete show was achieved in 7 months spread across three events. This was achieved in an environment where cosplay had little to no current presence in an event not usually associated with cosplay content. This proves cosplay can be generated through steady growth methods in any environment by Costume and Play. You can view the completed project here.

Summer 2015


Insomnia Winter 2015


Insomnia Spring 2016

Bums on Seats
Zone Area Footfall Per Hour
Individual Performances

Historic Metrics

Masquerade Participation

This was achieved twice for community cosplay competitions Minecon in 2015 held in London and LFCC held in London. Costume and Play have run countless community competitions with participants ranging on average of 40-80 attendance such as BBC’s Sherlocked convention cosplay.

Social Media Reach

An article slamming the negative media publicity cosplay attendees received from a Daily Mail journalist was released by Costume and Play generating 95 shares and 17616 reach from Facebook alone! Costume and Play works directly alongside the community delivering large promotion for events.

Community Events

Costume and Play run small events and meetups which can generate a consistent footfall of 30-40 per community event. The highest figure was achieved as part of Big Geek Meet during the BBC’s attendance. This also shows the level of media coverage cosplay attracts.

Guaranteed Delivery

The most comical mishap involved the MC’s trousers splitting a few minutes before the Masquerade was due to go live. Cosplay repair kit in hand the trousers were quickly repaired in time for the show. Costume and Play will always deliver.

Highest Number of Participants included in one Masquerade
Reach from one facebook post
Community Meetup Attendees for One Event
Event Delivery

Further Information and Reference

All Metrics are taken from a case study of 2,000 participants in 2015.


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