Clockwork Dandy Noodles 

is a UK cosplayer hailing from the middle of nowhere East Anglia, Cosplaying for 11 years which began in a tiny University room. With an A level in art and drama and a love for making things since small, cosplay was a huge interest. And slowly over time project grew bigger.

She has represented the UK in both ECG, placing third and Euro Cosplay  placing 4th and has multiple cosplay awards from over time. She has also helped raise money for charity via the art of cosplay.

Cosplaying for the love of creation and art. If its spikey / spooky/ Red/ sparkly or looks awesome it generally ends up on the to do list.  She cosplays from a wide variety of influences such as musical theatre/ Warhammer/ anime and games. Her favorite aspects of cosplay creation are resin casting/ sculpting/ painting and weathering and fabric work. Considering herself a Noodle of all trades. Clockworks goal for cosplay right now is to learn new skills and enhance the old.  Recently Clockwork has been interacting on the international cosplay scene, learning how cosplay is celebrated in many countries and languages. Cosplay brings lovers of media culture together without needing to speak the same language to appreciate an beautiful passionate cosplay.

Clockwork Dandy Noodles is a Rat Mum and Bunny Mum and lover of Asian cuisine. Currently she is working on Mothra in a Japanese Gijinka form from the 2019 Godzilla movie and a currently secret Anime cosplay. She will happily answer any questions you have be it from cosplay to rat ownership or just general anime talk.