Steampunk Tea Duelling

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Inspired by steam powered machinery and science fiction, steampunk could be considered an offshoot of the cosplay genre. In light of 'culture' joining our cosplay zone what better way to celebrate the wonderful world of steampunk than with a little tea party?  A tea party of pure war of course! Brew your drink to your tastes and get ready to dunk your biscuit into your cup of the brown stuff, you must then eat your biscuit elegantly without any pieces going astray! *

*WARNING - please be aware the type of biscuits, tea, milk and sugar will be supplied to you before the event is due to take place. If you have any allergies to ANY product within any ingredient you must make this known to the organizers before commencing with your duel.


Catch this event on the Cosplay Stage at 4PM on Monday.

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