Welcome to Insomnia Gaming Festival Cosplay by Costume and Play

From the sublime to the intentionally ridiculous, we’ll once again be welcoming cosplayers of any level and ability to our cosplay zone and to take part in our cosplay masquerade. With top prizes on offer, don’t miss the chance to showcase your creativity and costumes live on the Insomnia Stage. Want to get hands-on with cosplay? Ever wondered how to piece together a character from scratch? add lights to your cosplay prop? Experiment with sewing machines or try out some amazing weapons? Come and have a go in our maker space; we will be systematically breaking down cosplay techniques by making parts of gaming characters you know and love through the course of the weekend and letting you try too!

Combining ‘Costume and Play’; get involved with interactive shows breathing life into the biggest fictional characters from the worlds of gaming and pop-culture.We’ll feature workshops throughout the weekend explaining the techniques you’ve learnt through our stage epics.

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Cosplay Guest Judges

Clockwork Dandy Noodles

Cosplay Guest

Clockwork Dandy Noodles is a UK cosplayer, hailing from the middle of nowhere in East Anglia. Cosplaying for 13 years, which began in a tiny University room. With an A level in art and drama and armed with a love for making things since she was small, cosplay became a huge interest. Cosplaying for the love of creation and art; slowly over time her projects grew bigger and more insane.

She has represented the UK in both ECG, placing third and Euro Cosplay placing 4th and has multiple cosplay awards from over time. She has also helped raise money for charity via the art of cosplay. If it's spikey, spooky, red, sparkly or looks awesome, It generally ends up on the to-do list. She cosplays from a wide variety of influences such as musical theatre, movies, Warhammer, anime and games.

Her favourite aspects of cosplay creation are resin casting/sculpting/painting, weathering and fabric work; considering herself a Noodle of all trades. Clockwork's goal for cosplay right now is to learn new skills and enhance the old. Recently, Clockwork has been interacting on the international cosplay scene, learning how cosplay is celebrated in many countries and languages. Cosplay brings lovers of media culture together and celebrates our love for escapism. Clockwork Dandy Noodles is a Rat Mum and Bunny Mum, lover of Asian cuisine and travel. Currently she is working on Mary Spencer from Trinity Blood and Lucilla from Gladiator! She will happily answer any questions you have, be it from cosplay to rat ownership or just general anime talk.

Photo credits for photo collage- Artflower(Eurocosplay)/ Nic Marchant/ Race The wind Photography/ Andrei Gauimoy and Benjamin Zafrany (ECG)
Photographer - UWVision2
Kristof Nachtergaele - Photographer


Cosplay Guest

Cosplay for Luna started off as a way to fit in at conventions, at which point it was too late and she was hooked! Characters that Luna wanted to dress up as, but couldn't buy the costumes for, ended up becoming her own creations. Luna’s uncle taught her that she could carve expanding foam and use woodwork materials, starting from props and armour parts. Her passion and skill just grew from there, from using all sorts of recycled and new materials, figuring out further props and armour builds, exploring electronics and learning new sewing skills. Eventually Luna started applying these skills to wigs, installations and more. Luna mostly cosplays games such as League of Legends and Guild Wars, and Luna wears a variety of both bought and handmade costumes. “It's nothing to be ashamed of, we don't all have time to create our own, I don't especially since becoming a part time Twitch Streamer. I love the play side as much as the costume creation!"

Twitch: tv/Luna_cupcake
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantail_cosplay

Rexy Studio

Cosplay Guest

Hello! My name is Hannah from Rexy Studio. I've been a cosplayer for 9 years, and have been a puppeteer and performer for 5 years.

I'm so ecstatic that I’m able to attend this year's Insomnia after a long break! I can’t wait to meet you all there! Whether you are cosplaying or not, whether your cosplay is made or bought, I can’t wait to meet new faces! As a cosplayer since 2008, it’s been amazing to see the hobby evolve into what it is today. I love chatting shop with fellow creators; sharing information and discussing the technical side of things to help others complete their goals.

So what do I do? Monster/creature builds are my jam! I love the challenge that comes with trying to make an unusual shape fit to a human body while working and performing naturally (all whilst staying as comfortable as possible). This means I conduct a lot of research into super light weight materials, manoeuvrability of the builds, and finally, a lot - and I mean a lot - of trial and error (never be afraid to fail)!

After the build is done, I get the enjoyment of taking it and seeing how it performs in a convention environment. I have dabbled in leather armour building as well! This comes with the extra challenge of building on a budget whilst not losing any of the finer details (Valka's backing material was made from a camping mat)! Throughout lockdown, with no conventions, I needed a new challenge: something to keep me occupied and my mind busy.

So I started making my own Original Character puppets, which enabled me to think outside of the box as I had limited materials to work with. I joined an app that allowed me to practice puppetry and, overall, my performances were very well received. If you're going to Insomnia, I’m looking forward to seeing you there and I hope you enjoy what we can offer on our table!

DC Theo Models

Cosplay Guest

DC Theo Models has been cosplaying for 5 years and builds mainly out of foam. 'I love trying new materials and experimenting, my Reinhardt used a method of Pepakura. I also make what are classed as big builds. These are on platforms, or just bigger than me! Characters I have fallen in love keep me motivated, my Berserker Armour took 5 months but was worth it for the end result!

I'm seriously excited to return to MCM, I have been lucky enough to place Judges choice at MCM London 2016 and won MCM London 2017 Sunday Masquerade so I'm looking forward to
seeing all the incredible costumes and meeting people!

Photography Credit: Laughing orc photography

Media: https://www.facebook.com/DCTheoModels

Dragon Cosplays

Cosplay Guest

Dragon Cosplays

My name is Dragon and I have been cosplaying since August of 2018! From that first convention, I have been cosplaying ever since. I fell in love with the ability to expand on talents I never would have discovered otherwise in such an understanding and welcoming community. Cosplaying allows me to experience and meet people I would have never had the pleasure of meeting otherwise which is irreplaceable to me above all else.

When it comes to creation of cosplays, I actually work with the alterations of fabrics and clothes to create something brand new. I use painting techniques to cell-shade clothes and items to look like something completely different and create illusions of depth or non-existence pieces. An example of this would be my cell-shaded cosplays of The Walking Dead Game which can take upwards of 4 months to complete depending on the item. Something else I’m incredibly proud of are my creations of props and costume pieces. In particular, the life-size Clicker prop that I created for my cosplay as Ellie from The Last Of Us. He is made from a cotton body stuffed with wire and stuffing to create a posable human mannequin, expanding foam and painting techniques to create the look of the infected fungus.
Additionally, I also work a lot with special effects makeup and prosthetics which I love doing.

I am very proud of the artistic growth I have been able to achieve in such a short time without help or any previous knowledge on the matter and the small online shop that I have been able to open because of this.

I am delighted to be able to attend Insominia this year. This will be the first ever Insomnia event and as an avid gamer, I am ecstatic to have the privilege of being a part of such an awesome con! I can’t wait to meet lots of lovely new people and see what everyone has to offer with their talents! I greatly look forward to meeting everyone and seeing what has been created by the many brilliant minds that will be attending!

Email - dragon.searching.cosplays@gmail.com ,
Instagram - @Dragon.Cosplays
✨Photo credit✨
Simon Aka Oddsshapeoctopus

Heavy Rain

Cosplay Guest

Hi there! I’m Lydd, a cosplayer of around 10 years. I have a background in Product Design and music performance, and make things for a living.
What drew me towards cosplay was the idea of making 2D references into functional 3D pieces that exist in the real world. I love looking at a costume that technically doesn’t exist, and then solving problems in order to bring it to life. It’s the making aspect that I love so much, though the social aspect is also a big and important part of it for me too.
I love the cosplay community because it’s full of likeminded people with a similar love of various pop culture that I don’t get to talk to other people about very often. I can gush and get excited about these things, knowing that these people I speak to feel the same way, and I don’t need to worry about whether they’ll understand me or not. I’ve made so many good friends that I have kept close for as long as I have been cosplaying for.
I specialize mainly in sewing and wig work, though my main speciality is problem-solving, working out fixes to aspects of costumes that don’t make sense, or even fixing solutions I’ve already come up with. My proudest project was when I made Lady Oscar from The Rose of Versailles. The tailcoat is made from a mixture of silk velvet and synthetic satin that is embroidered entirely by hand. The sword handle alone took months to 3d model, sculpt over and paint, and I remade a pair of boots from nearly nothing, just so I could replicate the proportions of the character as accurately as possible, among other long crafting processes I spent a lot of time on.
With that cosplay I won best costume at MCM November 2017, though I have been competing since 2012. Other competition awards I have won have included MCM performance categories and judge’s choice, though I have also performed as an interval act in the past. These performances have included dance, skits and playing the violin. I have since worked in collaboration with another cosplayer for a project for Square Enix, which is one of my proudest moments.
Instagram - @heavyy_rain
Photo credit to

Cat&Crown Artwork
07847 464658

Cosplay Guest/Creators

Gay Panic Cosplay

Sewing and Design

Gay Panic Cosplay has been cosplaying for almost 5 years, and enjoys pairing cosplay with their theatre training to create entertaining performances, oftentimes making costumes to fit the needs of the performance. Ryan loves the creativity that cosplay brings out in people; adores seeing everyones creations during convention season and is excited to start attending conventions again to see what everyone has been working on over the past year.

Media: https://www.instagram.com/gaypaniccosplay/


Cosplay: The Gathering - Community

Nice to meet all you lovely costumers and cosplayers alike! If you want to know a little bit about me, I have been an avid cosplayer for 10 years now, though it only became serious in the last 3 years when I started to branch out into social media and helping my community to reach their potential Though I have been cosplaying for many years I always found it more rewarding to give advice and collab with my fellow cosplayers then it was to reach a goal of Notoriety using my following more of a way to connect with others And make everyone smile . I wear a combination of homemade and bought Costumes, although as time went by I found simply getting into a costume my favourite part! Cosplay, to me, is bringing the characters I love to life. I enjoy bringing smiles to both kids and adults as I bring their beloved characters to life in the real world! My favourite cosplay to date is hard to choose, as time as gone on I found the ones that brought the most smiles where the best for example my Ariel dead pool made people laugh and my Wraith from apex legends had people in awe of the detail I can’t wait to meet everyone and being smiles to you all!

Media: https://www.tiktok.com/share/user/7320236 https://www.facebook.com/CosQueenie/ https://www.instagram.com/cosqueenie_cosplays_/

Atom Cosplay

The Foundry: Props & Armour

Atom has featured in everything from Syndicate videos to on the side of buses! Having recently performed alongside Microsoft, Atom Cosplay is equipped to answer any question about cosplay; from how to build foam armour to how to handle working in the professional environment.

‘I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with eva foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle anything into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I’ve started adding motors, LEDs and even home made smoke machines into my cosplays.’

Photography Credit: Instagram @danielpullenphotography

Media: https://www.instagram.com/atom_cosplay/

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Images courtesy of Insomnia content team.
Photography Credit: David Portass.
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