We are heading back to Medway Gaming Festival!

Returning to The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

On June 15th and 16th.

Unleash your inner geek! We’ll once again be welcoming cosplayers of any level and ability to our cosplay zone and to take part in our cosplay masquerades, learn new skills in the cosplay village and engage in our dedicated cosplay talks area.

Want to get hands on with cosplay? Whether you are a veteran or novice, you can build your first cosplay from cardboard, try on costumes and examine advanced costuming techniques. Masquerade signup links below!

Medway Gaming Festival SATURDAY Masquerade

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Medway Gaming Festival SUNDAY community Masquerade

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Cosplay Talkspace Timetable

Talkspace & Workshop Timetable

Creator & Guest Applications

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What is in the Cosplay Village this time?

Want to connect with the characters that make up cosplay? While we predominantly celebrate gaming characters, we will also be including a series of throwbacks to other fandoms and genres. Ranging from TV, Film, Anime and Comics, all cosplay is welcome at Medway! Cosplay Facilitates at the event will include; Repair station and friendly staff on hand to help. Visit the zone area to join the Cosplay Masquerade.

Gettings Hands on with Cosplay

Ever wondered how to piece together an Iron man suit or sew your first princess dress? The process of creating costumes can seem a little daunting, ranging from fabric choice to 3D printing! We’ll break all of this down and show you everything; from hands-on experiences to full costume displays. We can also teach you how to make gauntlets from pringles tubes and some fantastic layered cardboard guns. If you’d like to try out some amazing weapons, learn how a sewing machine works, see some great costumes or simply check out the amount of work that goes into costuming so you can be a seam flipping pro, come and visit us!

Cosplay Talkspace, Meetups & Photography

If you want to learn to build a cosplay from scratch, perform on stage or simply get involved with the community come and visit us, talkspace will host a series of cosplay panels and workshops from knowledgeable creators and guests to sink your teeth into! What could be better than showcasing your beautiful creation? We will also be hosting a series of photoshoots and meetups for any cosplay!

If you would like to get involved with any events or workshops please visit the Cosplay Village Main Desk to learn more!

Cosplay Guests, Creators & Community

There are so many incredible ways to cosplay! We celebrate all of them from budget cosplay to handmade cosplays that could take years to produce. 

We always showcase an array of cosplay talent ranging from cosplay community groups, cosplay community collaborators, partners, contributors and guests based on a particular skill set, such as prop making and sewing work. 

Guests are available to chat about the various aspects of cosplay and to give back to the cosplay community.

Want to get involved as a Cosplay Guest or Creator? Apply here: – https://www.costumeandplay.co.uk/portfolio/creatorguestapply

Cosplay Judges


Cosplay Judge

Watch this space...


Cosplay Judge

Watch this space...

Cosplay Creators & Guests


Cosplay Guest

I started cosplaying 8 years ago and would probably describe myself more as a modder, constantly working to improve and upgrade my cosplay, and I always seem to have a cosplay maintenance project on the go. I really found confidence in the cosplay community and love being able to pass on the tips and tricks I've learned in my time as a cosplayer


Cosplay Guest

Coraxion Cosplay also known as Corax has been cosplaying since 2019 focusing on a 1 to 1 scale suit of space marine armour (which may have been originally built in his bedroom).
Fast forward to 2023 and Coraxion went on the road to conventions across the UK and truly caught the cosplay bug, further improving the armour to what you can see today and developing skills from foamwork to sewing.
Now with an expanded skill set further larger cosplays are on the horizon bringing new characters to life whether they be from the worlds of Warhammer 40k or from Anime and video games.